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Getting Started

Just fill out your cover sheet, upload your images, and pay. Your fax will be sent, and on your confirmation page you will see a PDF of the file sent as confirmation.

Send a fax, as easy as pie.

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  • The maximum file size for uploads is 50 MB.
  • Only image files (JPG, GIF, PNG) and PDFs are supported. If you have other kinds of documents we suggest printing to a PDF. (Howtos: Mac Windows)
  • You can drag & drop files from your desktop on to this webpage with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari.

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No Fax Number You need to enter a fax number before you can order! :)

Questions Answered


$1 for every 5 pages sent to US or Canadian numbers. $2 for overseas calls to supported countries: UK, Japan, France, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Israel, India, Italy, Portugal, and Puerto Rico (yeah we know, sorry). Way cheaper than the local copy shop!

Why is this not a Free Fax?

'Cause sending faxes isn't free. And if you aren't the customer, then you're the product. Around here your concerns come first, not a spam monger harvesting your email, or an advertiser plastering things on your faxes - 'cause we never sell you out. Pay us a buck, and you're the customer who's alway right! :)

Wrong Numbers? Busy?

Dial the main line, not the fax number? If we can't send your fax, you won't pay for it. But first we'll give you a chance to the fix the fax number. And if the line's busy? We'll give you as many chances to re-send the fax as you want.

Cover Sheet

These are sorta industry standard, and we encourage you to use one. But if your fax is already 5 pages, and you can't afford the extra buck, leave it blank and we won't send one.

International Dialing

On the internet? Yeah - so here's how it is - we're a US company, which means no US country code is needed. But we're on the internet so no crazy international dialing prefix is needed. Dialing in the US and Canada, start with the area code, dialing elsewhere start with the country code. Simple.

Phone Extensions

Our Fax services does not support sending faxes to extensions, just direct dial. These things get messy....